UK Fly Fishers 

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Springvale Fishery

17 Derg Lane, 


BT45 6NY

Tel:  07801 787017


Temple Springs Fishery

11 Temple Road, 


BT51 5BH

Tel:  028 2955 7191

The two lakes are extended lint dams from the 1800s and are fed by the historic Tober Aine (Annie's Well). The surrounding flora and fauna is wild and unspoilt providing an abundance of insect life for the fish and a visual feast for the anglers. The views are stunning and stretch from Garvagh Forest to Corky mountain and Slemish in the East.

The unique purpose of Temple Springs Fishery is to cater for people who would like to benefit from a fishing experience but find it difficult to get started or find the larger fisheries intimidating. When you come to us you will have the place to yourself. There is a fishing lodge with toilets, kitchen, lounge and camp site available if one session is not long enough. Whether you come as a family, youth group, corporate group or a group of friends, we aim to get your fishing experience off to the best possible start.

There are two lakes, the upper lake is half an acre and the lower lake is slightly larger, they are best suited to a float and bait method of fishing which is a good starting point. The lakes are stocked to capacity for each visit. We use triploid rainbow trout which keep their condition year round and weigh in between 1 and 5 lbs. Some specimen brown trout are also available. Catch and release is encouraged, all fish can be released.