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Amport Trout Fishery

Wiremead Lane


SP11 8AZ

Tel: 01264 771233

Mobile: 077 144 90352

The fishery has been operating since 2006 and has welcomed people from all over the United Kingdom and the rest of the world, for a day, half a day or more of peaceful fishing. 

Owned and operated by William (Will) Hawkings-Byass, the fishery was originally set on the site of old watercress beds. Will dedicated seven years of hard labour and commitment to convert these beds and create the stunningly peaceful trout lake it is today. Will carries extensive knowledge regarding trout and is always on hand to welcome guests and is happy to offer any advice on fly fishing if needed.

We have recorded 19lb 6oz trout caught here at Amport Trout Fishery and regularly record fine catches of between 4lb and 5lb.

Avington Trout Fishery

Avington, Winchester
SO21 1BZ


Tel: 01962 779312
Fax: 01962 779767

Avington Trout Fishery in Hampshire has three crystal-clear lakes and a carrier stretch of the world-renowned River Itchen chalk stream are Avington Trout Fishery’s trademarks. So too are the fish on offer – superb quality rainbow trout weighing from around 4lb up to double fish –  are stocked into the lakes, while the carrier stream holds wild browns and grayling. And all in the idyllic setting of the Itchen Valley, Hampshire.

Today, the lakes are fringed with marginal growth of sedges, flowering rush, yellow iris and marsh marigolds which provide cover for the stalking angler. There is also good shade and cover afforded to the trout and angler by large stands of trees including alder, crack willow, hawthorn and beautiful oak and London planes.

The lakes are stocked every day with high quality triploid rainbows which are all reared on site in the fishery’s own stock ponds. The fishery record rainbow currently stands at 28lb, a fish caught by Paddy Hill in October 2000. From late Spring onwards brown trout are also introduced.

The lakes are chalkstream-fed and the water clarity throughout the season is superb. In fact clear water stalking is possible even on heavily overcast days.

For this reason Avington is also an ideal venue for the beginner or novice angler as they can actually see the fish they are casting to which makes it so much more enjoyable and is a great confidence booster.


Chiphall Lake Trout Fishery

North Field Farm
Droxford Road
PO17 5AZ 

Office: 01329 833295
Mobile: 07776 256792

Chiphall lake is situated in the Meon Valley close to the A32 and adjacent to the River Meon. The trout fishery is well stocked with Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and also has some Golden Trout.

Chiphall is set in a quiet location surrounded by trees the lake is an idyllic location to enjoy a days fly fishing.

The lake is regularly stocked with Rainbow Trout, the largest fish caught to date was an 18lb 13oz rainbow and a 9lb 2oz brown.

New to fly fishing: 

If you want to give it a go you can hire everything you need from us, advice and help is free but if you want some one on one tuition for casting and general fishing tactics we can arrange for an experienced angler to spend some time with you, for more information please read our tuition page

Don't worry if you do not catch your fish quota. We will give you a fish ticket to come back and catch your fish another day. {small entrance fee}.


Dever Springs Trout Fishery

Barton Stacey, 

Nr. Winchester 


SO21 3NP

Tel:  (0)1264 720 592


Dever Springs is situated beside the River Dever (a tributary of the legendary River Test), a big fish water where 20lbs-plus Rainbows and large Browns are taken each season.

The Fishery comprises two spring fed lakes totaling six acres and a half mile stretch of the River Dever. The well established lakes are abounding with aquatic fly life, which includes an abundant Mayfly hatch in season.

These crystal clear waters enable discerning anglers to stalk exceptional fish. Specimen fish taken at Dever include a British record brown of 28lbs 2ozs. The minimum stocking size is 4lbs, with 6lbs 8oz being average at the moment.

Every angler coming to Dever Springs has a very real chance of taking double-figure fish. The lakes are stocked each day with top quality trout, reared within the complex.

Anglers are welcome to look around some of the stock ponds where the fish are reared before stocking into the lakes.


Holbury Lakes Trout Fishery

Holbury Lane, 


SO51 0JR

Tel:  01794 341619


The lakes are predominantly stocked with Rainbow Trout and Blue Trout, with wild Brown Trout found in the river.

The four lakes are:-

Pond;  Well suited for beginners, the Pond is well stocked and has good room for casting with the bankside being flat and secure.

Island:   A mixed bag, Island Lake provides plenty of scope for using different fishing techniques.

Long:  The Long Lake is the most scenic, surrounded by beautiful wild flowers in the summer. This lake is particularly popular for tuition as it is spacious with room to cast freely.

Willow:  Willow is the most challenging due to the amount of tree coverage along the banks. This lake requires a more advanced casting technique.


Meon Springs Fly Fishery

Whitewool Farm
East Meon
GU32 1HW

Tel:  01730 823134


Meon Springs is one of Hampshire's finest fly fisheries. Whether you're a novice or expert angler, our lakes have been providing great sport for some 30 years.

Here at Meon Springs, you have a beautiful fly fishery with four spring-fed lakes that has been attracting anglers for some 30 years. One of the unique attractions is that the fishery provides a place to visit for all people - regardless of age and experience. 

The fly fishery comprises of two lakes for catch and take plus an extensive catch and release section (Meon Beat), which is stocked with a selection of smaller trout, many of them brownies.  These fish are much more wily and challenging to catch.  They are, however, regularly re-stocked making Meon Beat one of the best stillwater catch and release beats in the country.


Moorhen Trout Fishery

Moorhen Farm, 


SO32 3LB

Tel:  01730 829460


Moorhen Trout Fishery is an idyllic Hampshire stillwater set amongst the beautiful and tranquil surroundings of the South Downs National Park.

Please note we now have new opening hours. We will be open from Monday to Friday and only open at weekends for club bookings and competitions.

The crystal clear water is full of lively and healthy rainbow trout ranging from 2.5lbs into double figures. With strategically placed swims and views across open countryside, Moorhen Trout Fishery is guaranteed to provide an excellent days' fly fishing in a friendly and relaxed environment. As an established family business, run very much by Wendy, we encourage new and experienced anglers to enjoy this wonderful environment with us. The three acre lake is fed by natural springs and is adjacent to the River Meon.


Rockbourne Trout Fishery




Tel:  0 1725 518603


Rockbourne Trout Fishery is located in the New Forest just on the edge of the picturesque village of Rockbourne. The six lakes are spread over 55 acres of unspoilt woodland and pasture land with the river Sweatford Waters running through the valley and on into the Avon. The lower reaches of the river are classed as an area of outstanding natural beauty and  indeed Rockbourne is one of the most peaceful, secluded and beautiful spots to fly fish in the country.

Each lake has its own individual character and requires particular fly fishing tactics. Each lake has variations in depth ranging from 3 meters to 5 meters. Lakes are bordered by mature trees and in part by reeds, all providing excellent sport.

Spring fed, crystal clear water provides abundant natural fly life and excellent opportunities for stalking trout. The springs feeding the lakes ensure near constant temperature and thus year round sport.


Woodington Lakes Trout Fishery
Off Romsey Road, 
SO51 6BG

Tel:  07849 530852

Here at Woodington Lakes we have three lakes, well stocked with (primarily) rainbow trout.  That said, we do also add brown and blue trout on occasion to mix it up.  Oh, and there is always a cheeky little perch to throw into the mix.  Our lakes are;  Spring Lake, Kingfisher Lake and the Leat.  We also have 430m of double bank fishing on the River Blackwater.

Spring Lake is where it all starts, the water level is held by natural springs that then feed through into Kingfisher Lake, the Leat and then the neighbouring Whinwhistle Coarse Fishery.  Historically, the lake was fed by an artesian well which provided a constant supply of fresh groundwater into the lake system.  Nowadays, this has unfortuantely dried up, but natural springs still supply the lakes keeping them cool and the fish healthy.  The island in the centre of the lake has two or three deep areas around it where the fish can often be found during the warmer summer months, or when the air temperture is very cold.  During ‘normal’ conditions, fish can be found closer to the banks, where they can be seen rising regualrly, especially first thing and just before dusk.

Kingfisher Lake is the smallest of our three lakes, with no obstructions around it.  It is therefore, ideally suited to the less experienced angler as long casting is not required.  Equally fed by its own springs (plus the overflow from Spring Lake), during the cooler months, the lake clears up nicely so as to allow stalking tactics.  As with Spring Lake, the island in the middle has a couple of deep areas around it where the fish can often be found.  If you are lucky, you may be treated to a flyby of the lakes namesake on its way upstream along the River Blackwater.

The Leat was a new addition to the site in 2006, it differs from both Spring and Kingfisher Lakes in that it is not gravel bottomed, as such the water appears murky.  Do not let this put you off though, as the clarity is better than you think and as such can provide some excellent fishing.