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Church Hill Fishery 
Harboury House 
Swanbourne Road 
MK17 0JA 

Tel 01296 720524

This is the home of a wonderful trout fishery, that has a long history behind it. Church Hill Fishery was known throughout the 70’s and 80’s as one of the finest trout fisheries in Buckinghamshire, and it remains a great venue to this day. Trout fisheries aren’t that numerous in the UK, and Church Hill is a fine option if you’re looking for one near you.

It consists of three man made lakes that were designed with trout fishing in mind. They have a fantastic design, and are quite large in size – 2.5 acres for the smallest, with the other two being 5 and 7 acres in size. All together it makes for quite an impressive fishery, with a lot of pegs – it’s hard to crowd this venue, so you can rest assured that you will have a lot of room, privacy, and quiet. Rainbow trout is the main fish at the venue, and was a premiere location for trout angling, some 30 years ago. Anglers report that trout at Church Hill responds fabulously to a variety of “flies”, such as the famous Buzzer, the Invicta, Daddies, Damsel, or Montanas.